THE INDIAN, May 13, 1919, Page Seven

THE INDIAN, May 13, 1919, Page Seven


Chief: “We will have to dismiss Officer Blank.” Commissioner: “What! He is a discharged sol-dier with a record for bravery.” Chief: “That’s just it. Last night Mr. Brown called him and he said there was a burglar in his house. Blank asked him if the burglar had a machine gun, and when Brown said ‘no,’ he told him to take the burglar himself; he did not need a cop.”

Let’s quit this business of writing of our petty grievances to the papers. If some fellow from the TJmpitty Steenth Signal Corps says that he captured Blanc Mont, let him think so. The official records are what the world will judge by, and they are open to all. And then ,too, you only make yourself and your whole outfit look foolish, and newspaper editors are a pretty busy bunch.

Going over the hurdles from sergeant major to cap-tain was like going over the top for Capt. LeRoy Van-der Burgh. On May 1 he was directed to proceed to Coblenz to be sworn in as a captain in the reserve corps. In company with Lieutenant Drake, he en-tered a Ford for the trip. At the corner they collided with another car, and both were thrown out. Captain Vander Burgh received severe lacerations about the head, while Lieut. Bacon was removed to the hospital.

Lieut. S. A. Walser lately was confined to his bed with measles. Yes—German.

Tony Notto, who conducts a tailor shop over Supply Train headquarters, is to receive his discharge. Tony indignantly denies it is for the purpose of getting mar-ried—he already has a wife and two children.
were captured, but his caisson and several others were caught here in the sunken road and smash’ i. k, bits a few minutes before the skirmish lines swarmec, over the battery of 77’s. Sixth Marine headquarters was established here on the night of November 1.


This German caisson was caught by the American barrage on the morning of November 1, when the towns of Chenery and Bayonville were taken by the marines. The driver was evidently making a vain at tempt to escape before the batteries near at hand

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