THE INDIAN, May 13, 1919, Page Eleven

THE INDIAN, May 13, 1919, Page Eleven

Page Eleven

It is rumored the boys are getting up a petition to eliminate all top kickers from the athletic meets. The argument put forward is, it is not good policy for these gentlemen to know just how long it takes a man to go a mile.

We don’t fully understand the idea of all the chinaware and refined table manners at headquarters company, but there is a rumor out that they are going to send some replacements up here to relieve inc old- timers, which probably accounts for it.
I notice the Second Engineers have a hospital all their own. Looks like they might be going to lightenup on this prohibition law, or are going to make thlong-expected announcement that we have to dig that tunnel under the English channel.
We were very sorry to see the marines who were attached to us go back to their companies, for they did quite a lot of K. P. and guard duty, not to me/it-ion other things they helped us do.
Now that we have a rifle contest, pistol contest, and athletic contest, we have a suggestion to make. ‘up- pose we have a mascot contest. We have one who rates three service stripes, talks good English, and keep all Dutch kids of his own age off the streets. Take him all the way ’round, he’s a pretty good citizen of the Engineers. —Pvt. Ben Morrell, Co. B.

The Corporal: “Giben see meer a coupla flashers vin blinc toot sweet, an’ be dawgawn sure if:, goot. Ferstayen see? Combien?”

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