August 10, 1918

American YMCA

with the
August 10 1918

Dear Father and Mother:-

Your letter of July 5 recieved about two days ago. We have had it quite easy lately as we are haveing quite a rest. But I guess we all earned it for we were sure busy for a while. We were in a good sized town for about a week which seems more like civilization. I met a French Family by the name of Schalles they may be some distant relation to us. They were refugees from Alsace[?]. I recieved the razor blades O.K. Rose sent me some pictures of You and Mama allso of Elsie[sister] & Rose. I allso recieved some pictures from Mae not long ago. the last time we were in the line I saw some tanks in Action they are sure some boat. The looks of them is enough to scare a boche out of 10 years growth. I saw in the Durango paper that Ray and Robert Armstrong had enlisted.

There are lots of girls running street cars here in the bigger towns and working in the mills and heaveing coal I guess that would be quite a sight in the states. Will close for now with love your son

Robert E. Schalles
1st Amb Co.
American E F
New York

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