January 17, 1918

American YMCA

with the

Somewhere in France January 17th, 1918

Dear Father & all.

I will drop a few lines to let you know we arrived safe. Have been here some time. I wrote you two letters but lost both of them before I got them mailed. The weather is not very cold here but quite damp. All of us are feeling fine. I can’t tell you much of our trip as the censor would not let it pass. The people here seem to be very friendly, allthough we can’t talk with them much. I have managed to pick up a few words of French. May learn to talk it some day. There are two American newspapers published in Paris so we get fresh news from the U.S. I have made an allotment of part of my pay to you. I allso took out $10,000 of Governmnet insurance it cost $6.60 per month. I wish you would pass this letter allong to Elsie[sister] & Art[brother] tell them I will write to them soon. A good many of us got seasick on the way over(I for one) but got over it in a day or two. it seemed an awfull long way across the ocean we were mighty glad to see land. I think Columbus had his nerve to tackle it in a sailing vessel. This leaves Joe[cousin] and I both well. Answer soon. Your Son

Private, Robert E. Schalles
Ambulance Co. No. 1
via New York, N.Y.

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