July 11, 1918*

France July 11, 1918

Dear Father and Mother:-

I recieved your letter of June 16th yesterday which is the quickest I have gotten a letter after it was written, being only 24 days. We are not at the front at present but are haveing a rest for a while. I dont know when we will go back in. We go swimming in the River nearly every day. We allso go fishing but so far have had poor luck. The French men get fish by throwing a handgrenade in the water and then get the fish when they come to the top of the water. I have been in the service a year yesterday but it seems longer than that. I have $60.00 deposited with the pay master. You may take the allottment money and buy liberty bonds if you want to or use it any other way if you need it. Joe[cousin] has three $50. bonds and finishes paying for them this month they are of the second issue. he said he was going to make an allotment to his father soon. I hear that Jess Smith has been Drafted. We have a few Drafted men in our out-fit they came to replace the men we lost. Well I can’t think of any more to write. Hope this finds you well. With love from your Son

Robert E. Schalles
1stAmb Co
American E F
via New York

The Farmers are harvesting their grain here. I was out in a field and watched them today. Several men were useing cradles and women were tieing it up by hand. One guy was useing an old Walter A. Wood Reaper the kind you used to be agent[?] for 35 years ago. And another fellow had a McCormick binder. They use quite a bit of American farm machinery. The crops are good.

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