July 17, 1918*

France July 17, 1918

Dear Neice:-

I will now answer your welcome letter. I will say Francis that you write a fine letter for a girl your age. I expect you are enjoying your vacation now. And every thing is Lovely in Sunny California. I am glad to hear that your School has adopted some French children and that you take such an intrest in their welfare. The American People are doing some Great work. And France will never forget America’s Aid which she has so freely given.

We are all hopeing for the day to come when the world will again be at peace and Safe for Free people to live in. I hope you are getting allong fine with your music. I would like to hear you pound off a few notes as music is something we dont hear much of over hear Except when a bunch of Soldiers get started off on, “Its a long way to Tipperrary” and “Hail Hail the gangs all here.” And a few others That would make noise enough to jar down the Times Building, and make the Animals out at East Lake Park think they had lost there voices

Well Francis I guess This is about all I can write this time. Hope this finds you all well and Happy. With love I remain your uncle.

Robert E. Schalles
1st Amb Co.
American E F.
via New York

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