June 10, 1918*

France. June 10 1918

Dear Sister.

Your letter of May 9 received yesterday. Also one from Papa. It was sure fast to get them. Also the pictures as it is the first mail I have had in quite a while for we have been quite a while for we have been quite unsettled lately and very busy. I suppose you are reading about what is going on over here. We worked about four days and nights continuously and I sure was tired. But I am resting at present. The Americans have the Boche checked and have driven them back quite a distance. I have [page 2] been lucky enough so far not to get a scratch but had some close calls. It is very hard on a guys nerves so can’t help but get scared some times. I have come to the conclusion that Gen. Sherman was right when he said war was Hell. Although he did not know any thing about warfare of the present day.  Well I havnt  much to write about so will close with love to all from your Brother

Robert E. Schalles
1st Ambulance Co. A.E. F.
via New York

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