June 11, 1918*

France June 11, 1918

Dear Father & Mother:-

Your welcome letter of May 9 recieved a day or two ago just as I had come in from a trip to the line where we worked about 48 hours continuely under difficult and quite exciteing conditions. We were very tired and it was sure a relief to get a good nights sleep. I think every American Soldier done the best that was in him, as no doubt you have read in the papers what they have done. Joe and I have neither gotten a scratch as yet but I consider it was luck as there were many narrow escapes. Well I guess I will not mention too much about the war as I dont want to you to think we are discourged. Elsie[sister] sent me some pictures of You and Mama Art[brother] Elsie Rollie and the kids I was sure glad to get them. When I get to where I can I will have my picture taken and send you.

I have been close enough to Paris to see the Eifel tower. Would like to visit the city some day befor returning to the U.S. Hopeing you like your new location and with lots of love I remain your Son

Robert E. Schalles, Pvt. M.D.
1st Amb Co. American E F.
via New York

P.S. 3:30 p.m.
Just recieved your letter of May 16th as I got this finished will write again soon


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