May 12, 1918*

France May 12th 1918

Dear Mother:-

As today is “Mothers Day” I will write you a letter as every boy in the A.E.F. is doing. I hope this finds you feeling as well and happy as I am allthough I am a long ways from home and expect some day to return to the good old U.S.A.

I have learned a good deal more than I expected since crossing the great pond, but am more the worse for it. Things have changed quite a bit back in the States as I read in the papers of Meatless, Wheatless and Heat-less days they are haveing there. A good many of our days here are Heatless, but we have plenty to eat. Which shows that the Folks back home are standing by the boys at the front. I will tell you a whole lot more about France and what I have saw of the war when I come back. During our spare time we play games of different kinds which helps to pass the time. With best wishes and lots of love

I remain your Son

Robert E. Schalles, Pvt. M.D.
1st Amb Co. American E.F.
via New York

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