October 7, 1917

YMCA Signia

124 EAST 28th ST., NEW YORK
The Association Follows the Flag and Land and Sea
Public Correspondenc Table at
Camp Baker El Paso Tex.
Oct. 7th 1917

Dear Father & Mother:-

Your letter recieved a few days ago but haven’t had time to asnwer have been away from Camp for a few days. On Sept. 27 we all went over land on a trip to Las Cruces New. Mex. to the Dona Anna County fair. a distance of 45 miles. We stayed two days and gave a public exhibition of our skill at the fair grounds the people all thought our work was great and we recieved all kinds of cheers and compliments. We returned home on the 29th. There were allso two Companays of the 7th Caverly and the 7th Caverly Band, Field Hospital Co. No. 1 and a motor machine gun Company there. One whole day of the fair consisted of military maneuvers. Wished you could have saw it. the machine guns are mounted on Motor Cycles. On Friday Oct 5th we went on another trip to Las Cruces to put on a demonstration be for some medical reserve officers, but this time I happened to be a patient so didn’t have any thing to do but let them bandage me up. There was a big dance in the evening and we all had a fine time. we returned home yesterday afternoon. Joe[cousin] got a letter yesterday from Harry Goulding[childhood friend] he is at Ft Riley, Kans. in the 7th Reg. of Engineers. he seems to like it fine but says he is like the rest of us hates to hear the bugle in the mornings at getting up time, but likes to hear it at Mess call. There was a news paper outfit took the picture of our company last week I am sending you one. It doesn’t show up very plain but I will mark where I am with an R. and Joe with a J. so you will know. I am getting a large picture of the company which is the same only it is much plainer and is about 18 in. by three feet. I am going to send it to Calif to Else[sister]. to keep until you get there and I wish you would have it framed and save it till I come home. It cost me $2.00 so couldn’t afford any more at that price or would have gotten more of them. I guess there are worse places than the army but I don’t want to follow it for a career as soon as the war is over and I can get my discharge I am going to get out of it. There was a couple of boys in our company got drunk and stold an Auto down town a few weeks ago and last friday were given a bob tail or dishonorable discharge. One boy was only 18 years old and cried when he had to leave but the other was about 23 and didn’t seem to care much.

Well I guess I will have to close as I have some laundry work to do. I do my own washing and so save about $2.00 per month by it.

Answer Soon with love from your Son

Robert E. Schalles
Amb Co. No. 1
Camp Baker
El Paso

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