September 30, 1917

YMCA Signia

124 EAST 28th ST., NEW YORK
The Association Follows the Flag and Land and Sea
Public Correspondenc Table at
Camp Baker El Paso Tex.
Sunday Sept 30th 1917

Dear Bro & Family:-

Will now answer your letter. We just returned yesterday afternoon from Las Cruces, New. Mex. where we went to attend the Dona Anna County Fair. We had a fine time the people sure did treat us fine. much better than they do in El Paso. in El Paso all they think of is getting the soldiers money. We gave an exhibition of our skill at the fair. the people all thought our work was grand and sure did cheer us when we pulled out of the fair grounds. The 7th Caverly band and the companys K and F. of the 7th Caverly were there. allso a Motor machine gun Co. and Field Hospital Co. No. 1. There are lots of swell chickens in Las Cruces which added to our pleasure. Tell Downey Hello. I would send him a card but have forgotten his address. Well I will have to cut this letter short as there is nothing to write about as everything is the same old grind. Answer Soon. love to All

Robert E. Schalles
Amb Co. No. 1   Camp Baker
El Paso, Tex.

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